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Source: 房车奇遇.2015.高清中英双字
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
Former emergency / Ex Fighting / Motor Home Adventure / 前任告急 / 房车奇遇 迅雷
Release Date: 14 October 2014 (China)
Genre: Comedy / Romance
Stars: Andrew Lin / Xiong Naijin / Ma Yuan / Zhu Dan / Liu Yun / Linköping / Haizhen
Quality: 720p HDRip
(Google Translate) Perfume empire of Xu Chaoyang (Andrew Lin ornaments), although already over middle age, but a successful career, a handsome gentleman, he is still hot in the intelligence field. Xu Chaoyang live like ordinary people see through the window of a luxury, only drooling parts, and a single laboratory leukemia break it all, life only one night a year, it has become precarious career In order to seize the only resort – bone marrow transplantation, 徐朝阳 and rookie secretary (Ma Yuan decoration) embarked on a search for driving a car more than a dozen ex-girlfriend’s long road, only to find their own flesh and blood as energy. “Flesh journey” In the beginning, they would run into a knife onslaught ride away rebellious girl Liu Tong (Xiong Naijin ornaments), many times unsuccessfully to get rid of Xu Chaoyang Liu Tong had to take this heavy burden, three way south.
Xu Chaoyang romantic nature because in the past all sorts of slag male acts, the visiting former suffered almost every cast aside: has been promoted to commercial rivals woman, setup, let him out of himself in front of the media; Lei Li’s popularity Female police officer (Zhu Dan ornaments) to mobilize the city’s police for their arrest arrest; enchanting charm of Latin dance instructor (Yun Liu decoration) with them was to kill underworld chiefs took no return ……

香水王国的缔造者徐朝阳(连凯 饰),虽已经年过不惑,但事业成功、英俊绅士的他,在情场上仍然炙手可热。徐朝阳的生活像是普通人透过橱窗看到的奢侈品,只有流口水的份,而一张白血病化 验单将这一切打碎,一夜之间生命只剩一年时间、事业也变得岌岌可危,为了抓住唯一的救命稻草——骨髓移植,徐朝阳和菜鸟秘书(马元 饰)开着房车走上了寻找十几个前女友的漫漫长路,只为能找到自己的骨肉。“骨肉征程”刚开始,两人就碰上以刀相逼搭车的叛逆出走少女柳彤(熊乃瑾 饰),多次摆脱也未能成功的徐朝阳只好带上柳彤这个大包袱,三人一路向南。
生性风流的徐朝阳因为过往种种渣男行径,此次到访前任几乎遭受了每一位的唾弃:已经晋升为商业对手的女强人,设局让他在媒体面前出尽洋相;风行雷厉的女警 官(朱丹 饰)调动全市警车对他们缉捕捉拿;妖娆妩媚的拉丁舞教练(刘芸 饰)带着他们走上被黑社会大佬追杀的不归路……

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