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Title : Iron Chef Return (2016)
Genre: Action, Comedy, Romance
Source: 720p.Rip
Res: 480p, 2ch
Language: Mandarin
Subtitle: Chinese Hardcoded

Synopsis :
A saint is a natural food goods, from childhood growing up in the mountains, along with the world outside expert to learn a martial arts. But he fights not in line, but then eat has a very high talent. Arts in the mountains more than ten years, almost holy Ah eat have eaten, and made master always hungry. Master forced to “safeguard world peace,” the name of the holy lie down Ah. A saint with three master for the tips down the hill, only five taels Chuaizhuo kitchen straight to Town. Town kitchen yard, plenty of ingredients, is a paradise for food goods. In fact, the kitchen is in heaven Town Iron Chef and partner in the world secretly Fortuna circle a piece of land. A saint wanted to go eat a full kitchen Town, unexpectedly stolen money to the official report, but was told that Yang Butou amount is too small not to file. A penniless saint to an inn for dinner, eating bilk want, but take the initiative to shop owner gave him. A holy thought he hit the jackpot white pick an inn, this inn did not think it was a trap. Due to poor management, the inn already heavily in debt. A holy man is not from the store all the arrears (bigeye, Ada, Tweety, silly strong) wages, but made a delicious dessert to impress the crowd, everyone re-opened a partnership linking St. pastry shop, all of them is the boss everyone shares. .


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