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Title : Monk Comes Down The Mountain (2015)
Dao shi xia shan (2015) / Monk Comes Down The Mountain / A Monk in a Floating World
Release Date: 3 July 2015 (China)
Genre: Action, History
Stars: Wah Yuen, Baoqiang Wang, Chen Chang
Quality: 720p WEB-DL
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(Google Translate) Republic of China, foreign invasion, warlords, troubled times have appeared in all kinds of itinerant character. Worldly little priest settled down (wangbaoqiang decoration), because food shortages leave Taoist trouble down the mountain secretly down, kick into the bizarre world of mortals among lofty, suffered a series of bizarre fantasy characters and events. Unintentional, and that he was involved in the Tai Ji Men head battle, and with China to steal the division of the Japanese ninja game. To recruit spies in the system after its spying, he uses this opportunity to help opera Takefu Run out spy chief Richard boss with his wife hate messages. He settled down moves in the systems, the Nazi doctor, between the pirates and the political arena, through a series of bizarre characters and events. When he was in a Santa Claus face down everything, now we found this world and how different his imagination, he finally came to understand the Pro down before the master once said: “unscrupulous non-hero, a true hero does not change his mind.” ʱ??
民国时期,外敌入侵,军阀混战,乱世中各类江湖人物纷纷登场。不谙世事的小道士何安下(王宝强 饰),因为闹粮荒离开道观下了山偷偷下山,一脚踏入了光怪陆离的万丈红尘之中,遭遇到一系列诡异奇幻的人物和事件。无心之中,他被卷入太极门掌门之争,并 与来华偷师的日本忍者对局。后中统特务欲招揽其做间谍,他却利用这个机会帮京剧武生查老板截杀特务头子报夺妻之恨。何安下周旋于中统、纳粹博士、倭寇和江 湖之间,经历一系列匪夷所思的人物和事件。下山时他以一颗赤子之心面对一切,现在发现这个世界与他的想象有多么不同,他终于明白了临下山前师傅说过的一句 话:“不择手段非豪杰,不改初衷真英雄”。


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