Download Monkey King Bar Legend 2 AKA The Grow 2 (2015) HDRip 720p

Download Monkey King Bar Legend 2 AKA The Grow 2 (2015) HDRip 720p |

Title : Monkey King Bar Legend 2 AKA The Grow 2 (2015)
Source: 金箍棒传奇2:沙僧的逆袭.The.Grow.2.2015.HD1080P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba
Subtitle: Indonesia, English
AKA Monkey King Bar Legend 2: Drifting counter-attack (2014) / Indiana Lucky Monkey King Bar Legend big movie 2 / happy Journey 2 / The Grow 2 / 金箍棒传奇2:沙僧的逆袭 (2014)
Release Date: 29 May 2015 (China)
Genre: Comedy / Animation / Adventure
Stars: Yu Li / Wu Tianhao / Rongrong / Zhang Yuan
Quality: 720p HDRip
Encoder: IMM@
Dawn of the gods consciousness awakening, fairy world gradually differentiate into different factions, of which the Tathagata headed the Mountain West and the East, led by Emperor every court is the power of the most powerful factions. During the long years of evolution, the infighting between the two factions has not stopped …
Back mentoring four story here:
Pilgrimage group experienced an unprecedented crisis of confidence, “Infernal Affairs” diffuse the situation lingers. After the monk captured, three apprentice is fighting over. Inadvertently, Drifting revealed the secrets of the heart: this is due to his young half demon belligerent, almost heavenly gods were injured, rescued kidnap Jianglongfuhu Rohan, will thus follow them learn skills, Until receiving the S-Class an important task entrusted by Buddha to enter heaven when undercover to help the future of the Western Star boulder Monkey King. Unexpectedly, the ghost event touched the Emperor, was banished under the mortal Drifting …….
Looking monk, three apprentice lift “misunderstanding” and work together to attack, in the “secret” guide down to the far different layers of space and was told there is nether past the enchantment only four kings guarding the palace to break the four evil formed by a mysterious force , and then save the monk. Unexpectedly, it was actually behind the most mysterious of Jupiter elite special forces leaders for their own selfish planted “big lie” …… (Google Translate)


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