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Download The Past that Was Polluted (2014) HDRip |

Title : The Past that Was Polluted (2014)
IMDB: The Past Was Polluted 2014
Genre: Adult, Drama
Cast: Yukari Sakurada
Source: 720p.KOR.HDRip-Unknown
Res: 480p, 2ch
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: Korean Hardcoded

Synopsis :
Nouisa Kosaku who operates a small private hospital. It was a good doctor get the trust of patients in one body, and Manda died of a sudden illness.. Son of Kosaku Toru was working at the University Hospital is brought to a private hospital for offline father back,
Before and she asked to help yourself to Shizuka nurse who has worked with his father for a long time.Will have a growing crush on pretty reliable figure of Hebrews saltteul work Shizuka his side.
Then one day, While clean up the relics of Father Toru found the photo of Shizuka affair confirms the truth imported her home. In fact, I discovered Shizuka and Saku’s father, was a co-lovers relationships Toru is not repressing the desire to forceAfter her eyes, it getting out of her charm …



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