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Download Rock Hero (2015) HDRip 720p |

Title : Rock Hero 2015 HDRip 720p (Yao gun ying xiong)
Format : MP4
MDB Rate : N/A
Info :
Director: Hua Tan
Star: Yase Liu, Li Meng, Hao Qin
Genres: Music
Release Date : 20 June 2015 (China)
Language : Mandarin
Size : 525 MB
Subtitle : HC English and China
Quality : HDRip 720p
Source : Rock.Hero.2015.HD720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba

Sinopsis: (Google Trans)
This is a rock and roll youth film, the story of a rock singer Wu and three women.
2014, Wu was over forty years (Qin Hao ornaments), lonely, fall, world-weary, alcoholism trouble was arrested after his release, nineteen-year-old girl Spring (Liu Yase ornaments) suddenly broke into his life. He exudes hormones atmosphere Chunxiao, Wu was silent for many years so that the heart waves, their relationship becomes complicated. Spring emergence Wu was constantly back twenty years ago that part of uninhibited freedom, love and hate blood youth ……
In 1994, Wu was shocked and dream band rock scene, two to his heart love girl Li (Meng ornaments) and Jiang Qian (Ma Kai Man ornaments) brought earth-shaking frenzy life …… autumn that year, however, face Choice of dual love and dreams, tragedies, people leave, people dying, broken dream, love destruction, youth end, rock no more.
2014, when the love of the Holy Land into a demolition ruins, Wu is live rock music has nothing to do with the rotten life, he can believe in the end what? The third is the heart of the woman let Wu Chunxiao heaven, whether she will bring a kind of emotional end military?
Rock Hero Rock Hero Rock Hero Rock Hero Rock Hero Rock Hero



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