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Title : Download Samu Life (2015) HDRip 720p/480p
武士人生 サムライフ (2015)
Release Date: 2015 (Japan)
Genre: Drama
Stars: Takahiro Miura, Dai Watanabe, Ren Ôsugi
Quality: 480p HDRip
Source: 武士人生 サムライフ

(Google Translate) The true story of the young and Friends of the original high school teacher struggle with the aim of school establishment, “when kids return reunion” human drama that was a movie in Miura Takahiro starring in “eternal 0″. On the basis of the founder-Nagaoka Hideki’s autobiography of the NPO “samurai school Scuola-now person” in Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, “child police”, “happiness of bread,” the Moriya male director who worked on produce such as He was. Youth Nagaoka became a high school teacher to overcome the death of paraplegic and former teacher is, quit the teacher in order to realize the dream of creating a “school that determines the way of life on their own” in five years, based on his students and his wife of four while it is supported, and efforts to collect funds in such a way that shot bar opened and autobiographical book of self-publishing. On the other hand, Nagaoka I met with children who do not go to school in a variety of circumstances, goes face to face with each of the problem in order to change their life. Co-star is, “Kirishima, I I quit club” Matsuoka of 茉優, Kaji Masaki “soft Boy”, Masaki ReiWataru of “Gachiban Z proxy war”, “I be great I love.” Of Ryosuke Yamamoto.
学校設立を目指して奮闘する元高校教師の若者と仲間たちの実話を、「キッズ・リターン 再会の時」「永遠の0」の三浦貴大主演で映画化した人間ドラマ。長 野県上田市にあるNPO法人「侍学園スクオーラ・今人」の設立者・長岡秀貴氏の自伝をもとに、「コドモ警察」「しあわせのパン」などのプロデュースを手が けた森谷雄が監督を務めた。半身不随や恩師の死を乗り越えて高校教師になった青年ナガオカは、「自分で生き方を決める学校」をつくる夢を実現させるために 5年で教師を辞め、4人の元教え子たちや妻に支えられながら、ショットバー開業や自伝本の自費出版といった方法で資金集めに奔走する。その一方で、様々な 事情で学校に行けない子どもたちと出会ったナガオカは、彼らの人生を変えるべくそれぞれの問題と向きあっていく。共演は、「桐島、部活やめるってよ」の松 岡茉優、「ソフトボーイ」の加治将樹、「ガチバンZ 代理戦争」の柾木玲弥、「好きっていいなよ。」の山本涼介。


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