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Title : The Black Death 2015 M-HD 720p
Format : Mp4
IMDB Rate : 6.3/10 from 17 users
Info :
Director: Chalermchatri Yukol
Star: Chaat Arthachinta, Apa Bhavilai, Narucha Chaimareung
Genres: Horror
Release Date : 14 May 2015 (Thailand)
Language : Thailand
Size : 525 MB
Subtitle : None
Quality : M-HD 720p
Encode : cpT@cinema2satu
Source : The.Black.Death.(2015) ผีห่า อโยธยา .MINIHD.720P.DVD.Encode.H.264.AC3.MKV.720P

The chronicle and the archives have recorded that in 1586, King Bayinnaung led his army through the Malamao strait in Tak province to invade Ayutthaya. After long continuous battles, Ayutthaya finally lost the war to the Burmese troops from Hongsawadi in 1569 and end their independence. The collapse of the Ayutthaya Kingdom could not be explained ….some said that the cause might be the “Black Death” that wipe out the residents. Some blamed the hungry ghosts, some blamed the plague that came with the Portuguese. But nobody could find out the real cause until all the corpses transformed themselves into a kind of living dead called ‘The Black Death’ who fearlessly bit and ate the villagers, even the monks were not able to exorcise them…


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