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Download The Buried Secrets (2015) WEBRip |

Title : The Buried Secrets (2015)
IMDB: The Buried Secrets / Red Mansion / Haunted Hall
Genre: Mystery
Source: 1080p WEB-DL x264 AAC-SeeHD
Res: 480p
Language: Chinese
Subtitle: N/A

Synopsis :
Historical Archives of the Republic of China National Peking called “Red House”, on the Red House, the spread of many horror tales.
One night, a man named Secretary Hu Ren “innocent people” entrusted to the Red older than the night shift, I hope he can go Hujiayu let his daughter to find his sister Hu bones for burial. Frightened old let his son Wang Yu Ran to check it out, and she found the Hu Mei, they will embark on a journey tracing the bones. But the process of supernatural incidents continue: Red House Red ghost appeared on the vine covered head, the Red Devils appeared in another, even more frightening is involved in events One after another death. The source of the supernatural events, Huss Jen’s whereabouts, all the clues point to the Red House, the people sneaked into the restricted area of the Red Chamber – in the basement, they found more terrible terrible secret ……



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