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Title : The Hundred Regiments Offensive 2015 HDRip 720p
Format : Mp4
IMDB Rate : 2.9/10 from 23 users
Info :
Director: Haiqiang Ning, Yuzhong Zhang
Star: Zhibing Liu, Guoqiang Tang, Zeru Tao
Genres: War
Release Date : 28 August 2015 (China)
Language : Chinese
Size : 650 MB
Subtitle : HC China and English
Quality : HDRip 720p
Encode : cpT@cinema2satu
Source : The.Hundred.Regiments.Offensive.2015.HD720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba

Sinopsis: (Google Trans)
In 1940, the world anti-fascist war into the most difficult period. European theater, Poland after the Nazi army blitz, even the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Norway. June 14, 1940, known as one of the world powers, France surrendered to Hitler in front of the Arc de Triomphe parade, shouting the implementation of the “sea lions action” to attack Britain. China has always supported the Soviet Union, in order to avoid both sides by the enemy, only Japan and Manchuria and Mongolia signed a border truce. In China, the Kuomintang troops on the battlefield front retreat, in order to resist the Japanese attack, the date should be brutal battle, in Zhangzizhong (Deng Chao decoration) was martyred, Jianghan Plain and fall into Japanese as well as most of Central hand.
China Yan’an, in Japanese bombers frequent bombing, Mao Zedong (Tang ornaments), Zhu De (Wang Wu Fu ornaments) and other Communist leaders are worried about China’s future and destiny. They decided at this time, the Communist Party and the Eighth Route Army, the New Fourth Army led to come forward, to break the subjugation and surrender of the argument, to inject hope for the world anti-fascist war, the Japanese want to infringe on China to lay a blow.
And far behind enemy lines in the Eighth Route Army headquarters Shanxi, deputy commander Peng (Tao Zeru ornaments) and Deputy Senate


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