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Download Unusual Affair (2016) HDRip 720p |

Title : Unusual Affair (2016)
Genre: Adult, Drama
Source: 720p.HDRip
Res: 480p, 720p, 2ch
Language: Korean
Subtitle: N/A

Synopsis :
Eun-joo is struggling from credit card debt. She gets pressured from calls every day.
One day she finds a loan with cheap interest on the newspaper and borrows money from Joon-sang. A month later, she hasn’t even been able to pay the interest and Joon-sang pressures her about his money. Eun-joo pleads for more time but Joon-sang makes her an offer instead. She agrees to the deal and unusual things happen. Joon-sang feels excitement and even offers the same deal to his friend while Eun-joo does the same to her friend Min-yeong. This is all a part of Joon-sang’s plan as he needs his friend’s money…



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