Download Velvet Kiss 2 (2013) DVDRip

Download Velvet Kiss 2 (2013) DVDRip |

Title : Velvet Kiss 2 (2013)
IMDB: Velvet Kiss part 2
Genre: Comedy, Romance, Erotic
Cast: Kanae Ruka, Ayumi Tokito, Ayase Ren
Format: mp4, 2ch
Language: Japanese
Subtitle: N/A

Synopsis :
Nitta who is swung around selfishly of hanako (Kanae Ruka) same as before. Sent daily life of the forgetting food and sleep in work and the full-time or part-time workers of “the friend”. News did not cry by service to hana*ko, and said connections while minding Saeki (Ayase Ren) which got to know accidentally. The Saeki sent an email to be anxious about such Nitta. In seventh heaven Nitta. And, on a day of the Dating, is heartless; a summons of hanako. Nitta ignores the telephone of hanako for entreaty of the Saeki. hanako and Nitta who gradually pass each other



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