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Download Where the Wind Settles (2015) HDRip 720p |

Title : Where the Wind Settles 2015 HDRip 720p
Format : MP4
IMDB Rate : 5.8/10 from 12 users
Info :
Director: Toon Wang
Star: Amber Kuo, Haden Kuo, Tony Yo-ning Yang
Genres: Romance
Release Date : 26 June 2015 (China)
Language : Mandarin
Size : 750 MB
Subtitle : None
Quality : HDRip 720p
Source : Where.the.Wind.Settles.2015.HD720P.X264.AAC.Mandarin.CHS-ENG.Mp4Ba

Sinopsis: (Google Trans)
To Fengxian, the fight can remember from my father always frowning, he mused ……
Year civil war, the small range (George Hu ornaments), Junko patrol wounded even Changsheng Peng (Tony Yang ornaments) in town to flee, but in rare deserted village found a hiding urn baby children, small Fengxian stuck his head laughing, I thought playing hide and seek. In the fate of the three men he had to take a big wanderers escape together, who knows the escape, actually fled from Huaibei Shanghai, from Shanghai fled to Taiwan.
The boat will set sail bound for Taiwan, Peng Sheng aching shoulder wound, but not as worried about his family came north heartache. Dockside large number of people on board could not pushing each other, loud explosions; Qiu Xiang (Guo Biting ornaments), Qiu Mei (Amber Kuo ornaments) sisters from his father moved his family to Taiwan, a pedestrian hurried on board. Before starting the boat began to shake violently, Qiu Xiang slipped almost fell, but fortunately Sheng Peng security escorts her into the cabin, the two men’s fate quietly.
From small Fengxian (Lee Chun ornaments) With Sheng Peng, straight, father of three small range, they barely find shelter illegal buildings in Taipei, and encounter noodle Wenliang Xian Shu’s daughter Ayu (Ke … ( expand all)


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